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At JITS, we always put our clients first, so we design products and provide services which are customized to fit needs and budgets of banks and financial institutions ranging from microfinance institutions to global banks.


With a customer-centric mindset, we value each and every of our customers. We commit to meet your needs and maximize your capacity. Every step or actions we take, we put our customers first and commit to provide the best possible products and services to extract the maximum value and performance from your investment.

Localization and Globalization

Understanding that financial services industry in each market differs from each other due to the difference in regulation, we localize our solutions to fit operational needs of our customers. We work with our local partners to tailor our products and services to fit the market. On the other hand, we design our products with advanced technology, meeting international standards, fitting to any global setting.

Reliability and Security

All JITS products are designed and built with latest technology and secured infrastructure. We understand that the consistency, reliability and security of the operating system are vital to any bank; therefore, we make those criteria our priorities when designing and implementing any solution for our customers.


Today, dozens of financial institutions trust our products and services to serve in the area of total more than 2.4 million kilometer square with more than 230 million targeted customers.