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Today, financial institutions are facing more and more constraints from regulators, especially in term of reporting. Regulatory reporting is a demanding, time-consuming and complex process for firms. JITS’ Local Regulatory Reporting Solution, Flex Reporting System, ensures its client to cope with the Central Bank Reporting system and the Management Reporting system with ease. Flex Reporting System is a data warehouse solution with modern architecture, advanced technology and user-friendly interface. The solution applies the simple yet effective methodology and high-quality and reliable implementing tools to reduce the risk of mistakes and automate the whole process. It reduces time and human resources to prepare for reports.

Highly formatted and interactive

Flex Reporting System automatically generates highly formatted and interactive reports for analytical and reporting purpose.

Excellent performance

Flex Reporting System is capable of handling large data and quickly generating reports with low level of utilizing CPU and memory resources.

Customized reporting

Flex Reporting System provides administrators, developers and end-users ability to manage the report creation process, meeting business requirements of the entities.