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Optimal9 (O9), the Core Banking Solution of JITS, was developed in 2008. With modern architecture and advanced technology, Optimal9 meets daily requirement tasks of financial institutions as well as complies with local regulatory and international standards.

Optimal9 is a comprehensive banking solution integrating transaction processing for Retail and Corporate Banking operations on a flexible and multi-currency platform. It is a real-time online solution supporting multi-currency, multilingual, multi-entity and multi-thread operations.

With modular structure, Optimal9 has flexibility to cope with banks with different line of operations and products. Based on n-tier architecture, Optimal9 is developed with web-based client, open interface, Java framework and the powerful Oracle database which enable it to be deployed on multi-platforms and integrate with multi-channels.

With our Core Banking solution, your bank can reduce the investment cost, lower the operate expense, quicken launch of banking products and widen the bank’s customer reach. More importantly, our solution ensures the stability, security, reliability and performance of your bank system playing a part in your effort to satisfy the bank’s customers.


Optimal9 is customized for each customer to meet any operational requirements and maximize client’s investment.


The solution offers customer the option to view and control all their accounts and facilities, leading to the improvement of the customer service efficiency.

Local Central Bank adaptation

Equipped with the Central Bank standard accounting chart, the Central Bank standard posting rule, the Central Bank compliance reports and the flexibility in architecture, Optimal9 can easily conform to any local Central Bank regulation changes.

Multi-currency support

Optimal9 allows transactions processed and reported in various currencies.


Optimal9 provides a consistent growth path with respect to both number of users and number of transactions performed. When banks expand their products and services, necessary modules can be easily added.