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Founded in 2010, Ayeyarwady Bank (AYA) has quickly developed to become one of top two commercial banks in Myanmar after only 5 years of operation. As of 2015, AYA Bank has more than 130 branches and 4,200 employees, serving millions customers. The Bank offers various retail and commercial banking products and services. AYA Bank has been awarded the best commercial bank and the most innovative banking services in Myanmar.

AYA Bank and JITS have been partnered since the inception of the Bank. From the beginning days, despite the obstacles of Myanmar’s under developing banking market, JITS has supported AYA Bank with both technology solutions and banking expertise. Our Core Banking, Reporting System, Card Interface System, HUB and E-Banking Solution contribute to the success of AYA Bank as the current leading and most innovative bank in Myanmar. JITS commits to support and accompany AYA Bank to deliver excellent customer services, leverage on technology as the enabler to enhance its customer base and be one of leading banks in the region.